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News, Feb. 1, 2013
The Abused Kids' Project is heading into its 7th year! This is thanks to all of you, my wonderful supporters. We have brightened the lives of approximately 500 children, so far. Just imagine the smiles on the faces of 500 hurting children!

But wait, there's more to celebrate!

I usually work very hard to get help for the kids. But every once in awhile, something amazing just drops out of the sky and an angel appears! This is one of those times. A wonderful new angel has joined our team!

Gabriel Fine Jewelers, in Modesto, CA, will donate 5% of all their sales, from now through Feb. 14th, to the kids! I'm so excited! Here is a link to Gabriel's website and this special offer: Gabriel Fine Jewelers

This offer applies to on-line and in store purchases. Please, if you happen to live in the area, come by and meet this kind, special jeweler. You will recognize him right away, by his beautiful heart. Oh, and he has some beautiful hearts for sale, too-gold and diamond hearts, that is! And many, many other gorgeous jewelry items. Prepare to be blinded by all the breathtaking diamonds! Gabriel is also a craftsman and can custom design anything you want. He is an honest man, and you will enjoy doing business with him. I would say this, even if he wasn't helping the kids!

Please spread the word to everyone you know. Buy a beautiful gift of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, and help an abused child at the same time.

I used to think there was nothing I could do about the problems of the world. I was wrong. If everyone does just a little bit, whatever they can do, the cumulative result can be miraculous! When I began this project, 7 years ago, I had no idea that people from all over the world would send dolls, toys, clothes, quilts, Valentines, and more, to the children. I had no idea, that 500 children would receive their very own American Girl doll, and/or other comforting companions, to love. I had no idea that we would make 500 children smile! We CAN make a difference. And we ARE!

THANK YOU for all you've done, and especially for caring!

Big hugs!

News, July 21, 2012
We are expanding! For 6 years now, we have provided an American Girl doll to every girl who arrives at the Childhelp Merv Griffin Village, in Beaumont, CA. These special doll companions have brought joy and comfort to these severely abused girls.

When funds allow, we also send beautiful Gund, Jellycat and Kathe Kruse stuffed animals, for both the boys and girls. These are used for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc.

But I've always wanted to do more for the boys. So now we are! I spoke with Lynn Elder, last week. She is the Director of Community Relations, at Childhelp. She asked if we could send enough animals, so that every boy can receive one, upon his arrival. I said yes! The animals will be placed on a shelf in the intake room, and each boy will be allowed to choose one. I love this idea; especially that he'll be able to choose his own! I can imagine a hurt, traumatized, frightened little boy coming in, not knowing what to expect. And right away, he receives something good--a little bit of joy and comfort, to make things seem a little bit better. And a new little friend to cuddle! Lynn says that the boys sometimes pretend to be tough, but they secretly love their stuffed animals. Even the older boys.

If you'd like to help, I have beautiful stuffed animals on my website! They are 50% off, when purchased for a Childhelp child. You can buy a $30 bear for only $15, or a $20 bear for only $10! I will mail your gift/s directly to Childhelp. I'll pay the shipping costs. Childhelp will send you a receipt, and you can use it as a tax deduction.

Click on the following links to shop for Gund, Jellycat, and Kathe Kruse plush: Gund Jellycat Kathe Kruse

When you go through check-out, the prices will show at full price. Our software isn't sophisticated enough to discount for the kids and not for regular purchases. I run the credit card charges manually, and will only charge the 50%! I also accept PayPal, if you prefer. Send payment to: nancy@letsplaydolls.com, or e-mail and I'll send an invoice. Be sure to mention that the purchase is for Childhelp.

Thank you for caring!

Many hugs,

News, November 3, 2010
An exciting eBay auction is scheduled for February 28th, 2011, at 7:00 pm (PST)! Kimberly Lasher, one of today’s hottest and best doll artists has donated a fabulous, one of a kind 23” resin ball jointed doll, for this important fundraiser. Layla #1 is a stunning angel, created to bring joy and comfort to many hurting children. 100% of Layla’s net profits will go to the kids! Members of the Lasher BJDs Yahoo Group have generously donated amazing one of a kind outfits, accessories, critters and more, also to be sold, in concurrent but separate auctions. Many of these items were made with Layla in mind, but will fit other SD sized dolls, as well. Some items will fit MSD and other size dolls. Donations are still coming in, so there will be some surprises! What an incredible group of ladies! Hugs and big thanks to all of them!

Auctions will be listed under seller ID: nancyatletsplaydolls
E-mail any questions to: nancy@letsplaydolls.com

Please come and bid! Whether you win or not, each and every bid will be a win for the children! Your purchase is tax deductible!
Christmas is coming soon, and sadly, the children at Childhelp will be spending it in a facility, not in a loving home. You can make at least one child’s Christmas a little brighter, by sending a gift. The girls love to get American Girl outfits and accessories. Order anything you like, from the American Girl website and have it sent to Childhelp. Handmade clothes, doll quilts, etc. are also welcome! Or purchase any brand new toy, for a girl or boy. Please, nothing breakable or of a violent nature. E-mail me for the address!

We also need cash donations. We need funds to get us through until the auction proceeds come in. THANK YOU, big time, to all of our wonderful supporters! We couldn’t do this without you!

Many hugs,



News, May 7, 2010

Welcome to our new website and our new name! Formerly “The Abused Kids’ Project”, we are now the “Emergency Doll & Bear Dispatch”. If you don’t believe in miracles, maybe you will after reading this story! Just one week ago, this project was in serious trouble. The fund was nearly out of money and there was no foreseeable source of new revenues. After some intense praying, a beautiful angel just showed up unexpectedly, right when we needed her most! Kimberly Lasher, one of today’s hottest and best doll artists has offered to make a one of a kind 23” resin ball jointed doll to benefit the project! This assuredly stunning, but yet to be unveiled, work of art will be sold on eBay, with 100% of the proceeds going to the kids. Members of the Lasher BJDs Yahoo Group have enthusiastically agreed to donate special one of a kind outfits, accessories, critters and more, to go with Kim’s special doll. What an incredible group of ladies! All items will be offered concurrently but in separate eBay auctions, tentatively planned for the third week in October.

But that’s not all! Kim decided that we needed a whole new website for the project, so she built this one—in about 5 days! She also created our new, fabulous logo that only a wonderfully talented artist could have! She purchased the URL and has offered to maintain the site. Before this, we just had a page on my Let’s Play Dolls website. I don’t think very many people found us there. We are hoping to get more exposure here! Thank you, Kim; you are amazing! Because of you, and all the kind people who will find us now, many more hurting children will have comforting companions to brighten their days.

If anyone would like to help, we urgently need cash donations! We need funds to get us through until the auction proceeds come in. THANK YOU, big time, to all of our wonderful supporters! We couldn’t do this without you!

Many hugs,


May, 2008

All net profits benefit the children

This beautiful and very limited collection of dolls was created by Heidi Plusczok to represent and benefit this project. Each little girl who arrives at the Merv Griffin Childhelp Village in Beaumont, CA, receives an American Girl doll specifically ordered to match her hair, eye and skin color. Each beautiful doll in this collection also comes with an adorable matching doll! I named this collection for a real little girl named "Promise" who was severely abused. These dolls are for her and all the other children like her, who deserve so much more. All net profits, after expenses, go to the children. This collection sold out almost immediately! Heidi gave me a special price on these dolls in order to benefit more children. On behalf of the children, many hugs and thanks to Heidi!

February 8, 2008

Last April, Heidi Plusczok, one of today's top doll artists, donated one of her dolls for a very special fund raising project! Barlee Rumburg, moderator of the Heidi Plusczok Yahoo group is coordinating the project. The doll is "Patsi in Florida", but she has been re-named, "Molly". Molly is a sweet 8 ½" all vinyl doll, complete with wardrobe and trunk. Since May 2007, Molly has been traveling all over the world to the homes of Plusczok group members. Each host has taken Molly to visit the sites in their city. They have photographed her and provided journal entries of her adventures. These wonderful ladies and gentlemen have generously donated many souvenirs to Molly's trunk! Some have made darling clothes and other wonderful gifts. Many other special people along the way have also added gifts. Helen Kish donated a very special artist's easel, just Molly's size! Molly was scheduled to be sold on eBay in January, but a surprise host offered to take Molly for one more adventure-it was Robert Tonner! He is making a special gift for Molly. We don't know what it is yet! When Molly returns, she will be sold, along with all the wonderful treasures she has collected! She will be auctioned off, either on eBay or at the UFDC doll convention in July. We are still working out the details. Here is the best part-all the money will go to the children!

Here is a link to Molly's website:
MORE NEWS! The charity auctions I ran on eBay last March raised $1,415.00 for the kids! Please let me know if you'd like to donate dolls or related items for this year's auctions! I am tentatively planning them for April.

THANK YOU for your ongoing generosity and support! I could not do this alone!

Lots of hugs, Nancy


May 5, 2007

I have exciting news! Heidi Plusczok, one of today's top doll artists, has donated one of her dolls for a very special traveling doll project, to benefit the children! I will let you know when she will be sold, so you can bid on her!

More exciting news! I wrote an article about my Abused Kids' Project for Doll Castle News. It is published in the May, 2007 issue!

THANK YOU for your ongoing support!



February 25, 2007

The day before Thanksgiving, I received a most wonderful gift-an envelope full of hand written thank you notes from the girls, for their American Girl dolls. I sat and cried bittersweet tears as I read each one of them. One little girl wrote that she holds her doll every night while she cries. This totally broke my heart! But knowing that the dolls are providing comfort makes it all worthwhile. So please know that your donations are truly making a difference!

In November, several people donated dolls and related items to be sold on eBay. In compliance with eBay's charity listing policy, I acquired official authorization from Childhelp to run the auctions on their behalf. During the week of November 20th, I ran five auctions and raised a total of $584.77! 100% went to the children. Some of the money bought American Girl dolls for new girls who had arrived. I also sent beads and elastic so all the girls could make bracelets for their dolls. I made a sample bracelet with the name, "Dolly Girl" on it and sent that too, along with instructions.

At about the same time, I made arrangements with Gund to buy beautiful stuffed animals wholesale! With $564.95 of your donations, I purchased approximately $1,100.00 (in retail value) worth of bears, cats, dogs, etc! My husband and I packed them all into our van and on December 10th, drove the 400 and something miles to Beaumont, to deliver the cuddly critters in person. But we had another, very special reason for going-the children were putting on a Christmas program! The program was wonderful! I enjoyed seeing the children's faces for the first time. The stuffed animals were given to the children on Christmas morning. Lynn Elder reported that they loved them! If you would like to purchase a Gund animal for a girl or boy at Childhelp, please visit my Gund page. Select the gift of your choice and receive 40% off. You will be charged only $1 for shipping, per gift ($5 maximum shipping charge). I will pay the rest! Here is a link to my Gund page:


Since my first batch of charity auctions, I have received 12 more donated items! Six of the auctions are scheduled to start tonight, February 25, 2007, between 7:00 pm and 7:45 pm (Pacific Standard Time). The other items will be listed as I get them ready, hopefully over the next week or two. There are some beautiful things being offered; please take a look! You may access my auctions by searching eBay seller ID nancyatletsplaydolls, or click on this link: eBay seller ID nancyatletsplaydolls Remember, the charity auctions won't start to appear until 7:00 pm tonight! Thank you for looking!



October 12, 2006

I am very pleased to announce that 32 little girls at Childhelp now have American Girl dolls! They received them on October 5th.

Lynn Elder, the lady in charge of donations, sent me the following e-mail:

Hi Nancy, I gave the girls their dolls last night. They loved them!! They were so excited and appreciative. They must of thanked me a thousand times!! I read them your letter and told them how long we had been working on this project. I asked each of them to write you a thank you (they said they would). I took down a disposable camera and asked staff to take pictures for you (of course we can't show the girl's faces). One of the cottages is a co-ed cottage with 7 girls and 2 boys, so we picked out two of the bigger Ty beanie babies (two different kinds of dogs) for the boys. They were happy with that. The girls that wear glasses were so excited (some of the girls that don't wear glasses told me they did because they wanted glasses too)!

Thank you Nancy, for making this so special for them. I encouraged them to ask for outfits for Christmas.

I'll let you know tomorrow, what the new girl looks like.


In a separate e-mail, she wrote:
Thank you so much for providing these dolls for the girls. It is an experience that most to them would never have had. For the love of a child, Lynn
As you can see, Lynn mentions a new girl. I told Lynn that as long as I have the funds, I will continue to send dolls as new girls arrive. So I am still accepting donations, as long as you want to send them! Every donation, large or small, is extremely helpful and tremendously appreciated! Please mail cash donations (checks or money orders) to:

Nancy Miller
2625 F Coffee Rd. #183
Modesto, CA 95355 USA
You may call me at: (209) 529-5154 or e-mail me at: nancy@letsplaydolls.com if you have any questions.

Many of you suggested different kinds of dolls for the girls. You had wonderful ideas and as many of you pointed out, every child likes different things. Lynn had requested that I make all the donations the same as they were to be distributed at the same time. She didn't want any child to feel jealous or perceive that another child got something "better". However, the children are often taken aside and given individual gifts when the other children are not around. So if you'd like to send a doll, bear or other toy to Childhelp, these gifts would be welcome and appreciated! These may be mailed directly to the facility at this address:

Attn: Lynn Elder
14700 Manzanita Park Rd.
Beaumont, CA 92223

So far, I have not had the time or the funds to arrange gifts for the boys. The last I heard there were about 60 boys at the facility, so boy's things are needed. Again, the children range in age from 6-14. If you want to send a toy for either a boy or girl, please follow these guidelines, set by Childhelp:

1. Items must be brand new and in the original packaging.

2. Nothing breakable.

3. No weapons or anything of a violent nature (action heroes are ok).

4. Hand made doll clothes and accessories are welcome!

I can't thank you enough for your generous help and support with this project! I could not have done this without you! THANK YOU a million times!!!!



August 31, 2006

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to donate dolls and bears to abused children. It was difficult to choose a recipient for the donations. Sadly, there is no shortage of abused children, so there were many choices. After careful consideration, I selected Childhelp. If you are interested in learning more about this organization, please visit their website at: