Emergency Doll & Bear Dispatch

How you can help:


1. Cash donations are always needed! Please understand that I do not have non-profit status. A lawyer explained that I would need a brick and mortar building just for the charity, a board of directors; I'd have to send monthly reports to numerous government agencies, buy liability insurance, pay $1,000's of dollars in fees, etc, etc, etc. I am just an ordinary person without the resources to do all this. So unfortunately, your cash donations are not tax deductible. I will however, send you an e-mail confirmation of receipt.

2. Purchase an American Girl doll yourself and have it sent directly to Childhelp. If you wish to do this, please contact me first so we can match the doll to a girl! Childhelp will send you a receipt and in this case, you can claim it as a tax deduction.

3. Buy gifts for the kids at 50% off retail, from Let's Play Dolls! Choose beautiful stuffed animals and dolls from JELLYCAT and RAGTALES. Buy any other brand new, children's item at Let's Play Dolls, at 50% off, too! Just let me know that your purchase is for the kids, when you place your order. At check-out, your total will show at full price. I will adjust this, before charging your credit card. I will pay the shipping costs. I will mail your gift/s to Childhelp, along with your name and address. They will send you a tax deductible receipt.

4. Send dolls, toys, etc. directly to Childhelp. All donations must be BRAND NEW. Giving them something that someone else has discarded, reinforces these children's feelings of being less deserving than everyone else. For this reason, Childhelp does not accept anything used. Do not send breakable items or anything of a violent nature. Action heroes are ok. Hand made doll clothes to fit American Girl are always welcome and needed! Items sent directly to Childhelp are tax deductible.

5. Donate good quality dolls or related items to be sold on my CHARITY PAGE. These don't have to be brand new, but must be in good condition. I pay the credit card fees, PayPal fees, and any other incidental costs of selling, so that 100% of these sales go to the children. Please e-mail or call me, before sending items for the charity page!

6. Shop from my CHARITY PAGE!

7. Host your own project to benefit the children! Contact me with your ideas!