Emergency Doll & Bear Dispatch

Letters From the Children

Dear friends,

The children's letters are really for all of us. Each one is an eloquent testimony of what loving people, working together, can do to make a difference. Every donation, large or small, helps to bring a little joy and comfort to a desperately hurting child. Please think about how huge this is! As of May 7th, 2010, we have brightened the lives of approximately 400 children! You are all angels in my mind. You keep me going and you regenerate my faith in humankind, every single day. Together we can do amazing things (and we have)! THANK YOU for caring!

Many hugs,

The children’s names have been removed to protect their privacy. I hope you enjoy them!


A final note to everyone who helps abused children anywhere in our world-teachers, health care providers, therapists, law enforcement, parents and ordinary people who believe in and advocate for children-please never stop. Pay attention and help when you see something amiss. Don't overlook a sad, hurting little face and convince yourself that it's probably ok. It probably isn't. We all need to do our part to stop the cycle of abuse. If you help just one child, you've done something extraordinary!