Emergency Doll & Bear Dispatch

Our Mission

Many charities provide dolls and toys to underprivileged, needy and abused children. Their goal is to find the most economical toys so that available funds will stretch as far as possible. I commend and support these projects! But this is not my project. My goal is different.

I understand the psyche of an abused child, because I was one. My alcoholic mother battered me both physically and emotionally, every day. She angrily told me over and over that there was something wrong with me. I believed her. For most of my life, I believed that I was fundamentally and severely defective. When I was 18, I tried to commit suicide. I did this because I truly believed that I was worthless and that the world would be a better place without me in it. Luckily, I failed in my attempt to take my own life. Since then, I have heard of many other abused children who have tragically taken their own lives. Every senseless loss of an innocent child hurts me to my very core. I cannot take away the trauma these poor children have endured or repair their seriously damaged belief systems. But with your help, we can do something that is inconsistent with these beliefs, so that hopefully, they will reconsider them. Perhaps we can plant a seed of hope.

We can do much more than just give away dolls! We can take one little girl at a time and surprise her with something more special than she ever expected to get in her entire life. We can give her the promise that dreams can come true and that good things can happen in life-even for HER. We can show her that she is a special child, worthy of a wonderful gift. We can tell her that she DESERVES very good things!

In addition, we can provide this girl with a cherished companion that can offer comfort during difficult times. A very special doll friend can at least in part, return the childhood that was stolen from her. By giving a doll with the same coloring as herself (eyes, hair and skin), we can impart the message that she is a beautiful child-a child so beautiful that a company made a doll to look just like her! I hope that when someone gives her this doll, they comment on how beautiful it is and that the child will notice that the doll looks like she does and think that just maybe, she is a beautiful girl, too.

American Girl is the perfect doll to meet this challenge! It is good quality, has a soft, cuddly body and a friendly face. It is available in many models to match every girl. Unfortunately, Mattel will not offer any discount (I have tried numerous times), so the dolls are expensive. I hope to give this special gift to as many girls as possible. But I will not switch to a lower quality doll as this would defeat my purpose.

The boys get cuddly friends, too! They receive beautiful Jellycat bears, puppies and other stuffed animals. So far, I have not found anything equivalent to the American Girl dolls, for the boys. If you have suggestions for a very special, cuddly boy's toy, please let me know!