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News, Sept. 7, 2016

Dear friends,

First of all, please forgive the long wait between updates. I run a full time business by myself and have chronic health problems. I am also writing a book about my own abusive childhood, in the hopes of helping other victims. Time races by and sometimes the updates get neglected. Be assured that the project itself, and the kids, are always a top priority! If a child at Childhelp needs a doll or bear, I make sure they get it right away. I am committed to this project. So please know that even if the site info is not always up to date, the project is still going on. You are welcome to e-mail or call me, anytime. I love talking about the project and am always happy to answer questions!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the project! On October 5th, 2006, the first 32 American Girl dolls were placed in the arms of Childhelp children. Every girl got one. Some of their beautiful thank you letters are posted here on the site, as a testament to how much they loved them. Please read the letters; they are the best thing here!

Since 2006 the project has provided approximately 500 American Girl dolls, 800 high quality stuffed animals, 1,000s of AG doll outfits and more, to sad, hurting kids. That translates into a lot of smiles! Wow!

I now have a Charity Doll Page on my Let's Play Dolls website, to benefit this project. All the items listed here have been lovingly donated. I pay the credit card fees and any other incidental expenses, so that 100% of every sale goes to the children. Here is a link:

Charity Dolls

Please take a look! Maybe you will find a treasure for yourself, and help a child at the same time! If you have items you'd like to donate to be sold on this page, they would be greatly appreciated and welcome. Please let me know what you have, before mailing them. I have a helper, so I might ask that some items be sent to her.

A charity auction is in the works. A special lady offered to donate part of her doll collection! Please let me know if you have anything to donate, as well. I will be contacting doll auction houses, for information. Can anyone recommend a reputable one? I hope to negotiate a discounted commission rate, since it will be for charity. In exchange, I am willing to volunteer at the auction, for set up, or whatever else the auction house would normally pay someone to do. This is assuming that it is held in a relatively local city for me, hopefully the San Francisco bay area. I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

In October, 2014, I was invited to meet the girls. My visit to Childhelp is a day I will always remember and cherish. The girls stood outside the conference room, waiting to come in. Lynn Elder, the Director of Community Relations, introduced me. "This is Nancy, the lady who gets the dolls for you." The girls started cheering and clapping. I could see the faces of the girls nearest me, and their eyes lit up. They were excited to meet me! And I was so excited to meet them. They entered the room, one by one, and introduced themselves and their dolls. My friend Faith and I gave them each a beautiful rhinestone tiara for their dolls, one for themselves, and a little magic wand. They were especially excited about the tiaras for themselves. They could not believe that they had gotten something so beautiful, and so nice. They kept looking at them with big eyes, and asking, "Are these real?" Faith kept telling them, "Yes, those are real rhinestones!" They gasped, shrieked, oohed and aahed. I don't think they could have been any happier, if I had given them the world.

They all brought their dolls with them, and I could see that they genuinely loved them. They told me how much their dolls meant to them, and how pleased they were, that the dolls looked like them. One of the African American girls was extremely impressed that her doll was "dark", just like her. They wanted me to know that they took good care of them. Two of the girls said that they always keep their dolls "warm and safe". The dolls are to the girls, what I'd always hoped they would be--cherished and beloved little companions.

Some of the girls asked me for hugs. One little girl waited until everyone else had left, then sang me a song. It was about being thankful and moving forward in life. She said that she hoped to be on "The Voice" someday. I gave her a hug and told her I'd be watching the show, for her!

The girls presented me with a banner that they'd made. It said "Thank you, Nancy" in the middle. On both sides were pictures of American Girl dolls, and all the girls signed it. I had promised myself that I wouldn't cry, but when they gave me the banner, I couldn't help it. It means so much to me, and I will treasure it.

It was wonderful to see firsthand, the impact that this project has had on the kids. I am so thankful to all of my supporters! I could not do this alone. Childhelp and the world are brighter and better, because of YOU! THANK YOU.

Big hugs!

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